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Today’s students are more tech-savvy than ever and their expectations for engagement are high. Our job is to provide a comprehensive, engaging platform to help turn their passion into a thriving career.

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Experience the benefits of a digital-first beauty education.

“The CIMA program offered an improved learning experience overall. With digital resources and tools, our students can learn at their own pace, revisit topics they don't understand, and get immediate feedback on their progress. Our teachers, in turn, monitored students' progress more closely and provide personalized support where needed. With these advantages in mind, it's clear that online programs offer a promising path forward for education.”

– Geeta H., Kismet Beauty & Wellness Institute
CIMA is more than just a curriculum platform. It is available for all your educational content:
  • Milady digital courses now in English and Spanish
  • Milady eTextbook access
  • Milady instructor resources
  • Your own content/learning paths
  • CIMA Collabs partner content
  • Stand-alone exam prep solution
  • Manage school-wide student groups and announcements

Not quite ready? Attend a webinar instead.

“All our webinars and training for CIMA have been wonderful!! A lot of information was given, and all educators were very helpful and informative with their knowledge and any questions that we asked.”

Kim Smith • Altoona Beauty School • Altoona, PA

Timeline to your Day 1 with CIMA
Timeline to your Day 1 with CIMA

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