Everything about advanced hair removal, all in one place.

Drive success with a modern curriculum designed to upskill learners and meet the requirements of electrology programs and advanced hair removal courses everywhere.

Milady Advanced Services: Electrolysis and Hair Removal

State requirements vary when it comes to electrology and advanced hair removal. That’s why we created a curriculum that’s thorough and satisfies testing requirements no matter where your program is located.

Pick and choose the advanced techniques you teach—or teach them all.

Provides the most current and comprehensive content available so your students learn the modern techniques.


Gives students and instructors an essential update on this popular hair removal procedure.


Positions students for career success with this increasingly in-demand service.


Instills confidence in students so they can provide skilled and compassionate advanced waxing services on all bodies.


Teaches students modern approaches to an ancient technique that their clients will love.

Discover the Benefits

Hair removal is in demand like never before. Students and licensed pros need one complete course that prepares them for everything their clients want. And that’s precisely what our Electrolysis and Hair Removal curriculum delivers.

Videos bring everything to life.

Empower educators to teach advanced techniques and give students high-quality procedure demos to help them understand important skills. Give students on-demand access to videos with CIMA.

For the Student

CIMA Digital Course

  • Over 1,400 interactive activities included, providing 430+ hours of active engagement.
  • Access to robust, built-in instructor resources.
  • Powerful self-service analytics, time tracking, and reports.
  • Comprehensive device and browser compatibility.
  • 2-year access.

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Printed Access Code (PAC)
ISBN: 9798214361598 • List: $139.95 USD

Student Seat
ISBN: 9780357874776 • List: $139.95 USD

Save at least 50% on the textbook when paired with CIMA (printed access code or student seat).

CIMA Exam Prep

  • Hundreds of multiple-choice questions with unlimited attempts.
  • Three modes: chapter review, chapter test, and comprehensive test.
  • Full visibility to students’ activity.
  • 2-year access.

Printed Access Code (PAC)
ISBN: 9798214361574 • List: $41.95 USD

Student Seat
ISBN: 9798214062846 • List: $41.95 USD


Digital version of Electrolysis textbook. No other activities or videos.

Printed Access Code (PAC)
ISBN: 9780357928325• List: $121.95 USD


Includes workbook activities.

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ISBN: 9780357928233 • List: $121.95 USD

CIMA + Textbook

Printed Access Code (PAC) + Textbook
ISBN: 9798214047164 • List: $189.95 USD

Student Seat + Textbook
ISBN: 9780357928509 • List: $189.95 USD

For the Instructor


Course Management Guide & Instructional Videos

  • Lesson Plans
  • Instructor Support Slides
  • Procedure Videos
  • Answer keys

Online Access
ISBN: 9780357928394 • List: $799.95 USD

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You need an electrology curriculum worthy of where the field is today—and where it’s headed tomorrow. That’s exactly what you get with the all-new Electrolysis and Hair Removal curriculum.