What drives us?
A constant desire to push the industry forward.

Humble beginnings,
visionary dreams.

Milady has been shaping and influencing the beauty industry for nearly a century—starting with our founder Nick Cimaglia, an Italian immigrant who launched a one-man barbering supply business in 1927.

Our beginnings may have been humble, but they were also visionary—a vision that continues to guide us as we redefine what it means to be a beauty professional . . . and as we expand the possibilities of what beauty can do for an individual, a community, and the world.

Inspired by today's learners—and tomorrow's professionals.

Every day, Milady-educated students prove that a career in the beauty industry can lead to professional success and personal fulfillment.

Whether that's renting a booth, owning a salon, doing makeup on a movie set, being part of Fashion Week, becoming TikTok famous, or something completely different, we take great pleasure in watching beauty professionals come into their own and flourish.

But we don't simply sit back and watch, either. Our job is to create forward-thinking education that reshapes the industry and uplifts the next generation of beauty professionals. Read more about our impact.


To date, we’ve helped tens of millions of students get their professional license and start a fulfilling career. Yet despite our rich history, our focus is on what’s next. Together with our students, educators, and professionals, we lead the pack—and are changing the beauty industry for the better."

—Sandra Bruce, SVP and General Manager, Milady

Our core principles

We are

Our customers' success is tied closely to overall pass rates on state licensure exams. We get that. But we also understand the needs of our customers' customers—the students. We don't sacrifice one set of needs for the other. Instead, we're constantly developing education that keeps today's students engaged while delivering the highest-quality curricula to prepare them for licensing success and a thriving long-term career.

We lead

We're not only passionate about beauty education, but also the beauty industry as a whole. It's in our roots, after all. We support state and national associations that are committed to moving the industry forward. We also strive to defend the industry from all angles—not just from an educational lens. And behind-the-scenes advocacy isn't something we merely preach—it's something we actually do.

We take
a stance.

If the pandemic taught us anything, it's that everyone needs to be ready to pivot at a moment's notice. We led the way early on with digital education, and then we turned it on its head during COVID to meet the increasing needs of schools and students. Our innovations don't begin and end with technology, however. We also stay ahead of regulation changes to ensure that schools and students have the most current information, and we’re always anticipating trends—and the materials educators and learners will need as a result.

We embrace

Representation matters more than ever, especially in our industry. Developing inclusive materials, supporting different learning styles, celebrating diverse perspectives—those aren't lofty goals. They are directives that inspire everything we create, day in and day out.

Today's learners bring passion and aren't afraid of putting in the work, getting their hands dirty, and taking risks. And neither are the talented people who make up our team.

Let's change the face of beauty.

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