Lifting up the next generation of beauty pros—it begins right here.

Yesterday, a beauty student. Today, a beauty educator. This is where you'll find the bridge between the two with a professional educator program that's equal parts challenging and inspiring.

Professional Educator

4th Edition

(formerly Master Educator)

From new, relevant teaching methods to situational content that addresses adaptability, inclusivity, diversity, and ability, this edition delivers the most up-to-date, comprehensive education for future beauty and wellness educators. Available in print and CIMA digital learning platform.

Looking for the previous, 3rd edition? Access it here.

Milady RISE Educator Program

Enroll in the 6-month Milady RISE Educator Program to become an effective beauty educator. Gain practical teaching strategies and techniques to train the next generation of beauty professionals. Enhance your skills and take your career to the next level. This program is the perfect opportunity to take your career to the next level.

“In 2022, I started teaching the largest basic foundations class in my 30-year career! (30 students, with the help of an amazing co-instructor). It's a combination of high school and adult students. Thank you, Milady for all the years of instructor education that has given me the support I (we) need to feel confident! From seating arrangements, teaching styles, learning games, curriculum, and more!!

Instructor at Centralia Beauty College