Everything you need to create the ultimate eyelashes education.

A complete skills-based curriculum for learners to take from the classroom into their professional careers. Available in print or on CIMA. Now available – lash and brow kits from Milady and Borboleta.

Advanced Services: Eyelashes

Curriculum that can be used without a commitment to a specific manufacturer. From infection control to client consultation and lash application, to building an eyelash and brow business, the Milady Eyelashes curriculum provides the tools needed for licensure and beyond. Offer Eyelashes as a standalone course or as a way for students to get a more-in-depth education on eyelash and brow treatments.

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Borboleta, a leader in high-quality lash extension and brow treatment supplies. You can now order your Milady Eyelashes curriculum and lash kits directly from us. The kits were designed to match the course procedures in the Milady curriculum.

Discover the Benefits of Milady Eyelashes Curriculum

Eyelash treatments are growing, profitable services across the country. With so much demand, it only makes sense to upskill your students and offer this as an add-on skills course to your school. From infection control to client consultation and lash application, to building an eyelash and brow business, this course provides the tools needed for licensure and beyond.

Videos bring everything to life.

Empower educators to teach in-demand eyelash and eyebrow techniques and give students high-quality procedure demos to help them understand important skills. Give students on-demand access to videos with CIMA.

For the Student

CIMA Digital Course

  • Over 1,400 interactive activities included, providing 430+ hours of active engagement.
  • Access to robust, built-in instructor resources.
  • Powerful self-service analytics, time tracking, and reports.
  • Comprehensive device and browser compatibility.
  • 2-year access.

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Printed Access Code (PAC)
ISBN: 9798214098869 • List: $72.95 USD

Student Seat
ISBN: 9780357874769 • List: $72.95 USD

Save at least 50% on the textbook when paired with CIMA (printed access code or student seat).

CIMA Exam Prep

  • Hundreds of multiple-choice questions with unlimited attempts.
  • Three modes: chapter review, chapter test, and comprehensive test.
  • Full visibility to students’ activity.
  • 2-year access.

Printed Access Code (PAC)
ISBN: 9798214098852 • List: $20.95 USD

Student Seat
ISBN: 9798214062839 • List: $20.95 USD


Digital version of Eyelashes textbook. No other activities or videos.

Printed Access Code (PAC)
ISBN: 9780357923214 • List: $51.95 USD


Includes workbook activities. Available in English and Spanish.

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ISBN: 9780357923207 • List: $51.95 USD

ISBN: 9798214077437 • List: $58.95 USD

CIMA + Textbook

Printed Access Code (PAC) + Textbook
ISBN: 9798214361246 • List: $104.95 USD

Student Seat + Textbook
ISBN: 9780357923238 • List: $104.95 USD

For the Instructor


Course Management Guide & Instructional Videos

  • Lesson Plans
  • Instructor Support Slides
  • Procedure Videos
  • Answer keys

Online Access
ISBN: 9780357923221 • List: $209.95 USD