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Classes by Topic

Those with the notation * have been recently revised to meet the evolving needs of schools and educators.

Teaching Methodology, Presentation Methods and Learner Styles

Multiple Methods for Multiple Intelligences *
The Multiple Methods for Multiple Intelligences course is designed to empower educators with the knowledge and skills to effectively cater to the diverse learning needs of their students. Based on the pioneering work of Howard Gardner and his theory of multiple intelligences, this course explores how each student possesses a unique set of intelligences that influence their learning preferences and strengths. You will delve into the principles of learning styles and gain an understanding of the theory of multiple intelligences. We will explore a wide range of teaching and learning strategies tailored to each intelligence, enabling you to create engaging and inclusive learning environments where all students can thrive.
Powerful Teaching & Learning Methods *
Looking to inject some excitement and innovation into your teaching routine? Look no further than this class. Geared towards educators of all levels, this course is designed to unleash your inner creativity and help you revitalize your classroom with a whole host of engaging techniques. From interactive lectures to role-playing, window paning, and mind mapping, you'll learn a wide range of teaching and learning methods that will keep your students captivated and energized. With energizers, concept connectors, and other cutting-edge tools at your fingertips, you'll be equipped to take your teaching game to the next level and bring your lessons to life like never before.
High Impact Classroom Presentations *
Unlock your potential as an educator with our course, High Impact Classroom Presentations! Designed to help you captivate your audience and maximize learning outcomes, this dynamic course takes you through a step-by-step process of developing and delivering powerful presentations. By enhancing your personal awareness and communication style, you'll learn to structure content, use effective delivery techniques, and meet the needs of your learners. Get ready to take your teaching to the next level!

Engagement & Motivation

Light the Fuse: Igniting Motivation within Your Students *
Explore the power of motivation and its impact on student learning. Discover ten effective strategies to ignite the fuse of motivation within your students and create an engaging learning environment. From getting to know your students and considering the physical environment to infusing fun into lessons and embracing classroom dynamics, we will explore various approaches to spark motivation. Additionally, we will discuss the importance of praise, recognition, approval, and prizes, as well as providing students with options and leveraging technology to enhance their learning experience. Join us in this mission to inspire and empower your students through motivation.
Igniting Exceptional Performance *
Join us in this course to unlock your leadership potential and ignite exceptional performance within your students. You will learn how to develop essential leadership skills, foster trust, and communicate effectively. The course will also provide practical strategies for setting clear expectations and building accountability. Whether you are a new or seasoned educator, this course will empower you to create a positive and high-performing work environment.
Learning is a Laughing Matter
This class will leave participants with robust information and strategies to make their classrooms a lot more fun which enhances learner retention. Participants will define laughter and identify its purpose in learning and the effects of laughter on the brain. They will recognize the benefits of laughter and its effects on stress as well as solidify how laughter enhances creativity. Strategies for integrating laughter into the learning process will be reviewed.

Creative Engagement Activities *
Strategies to Engage, Enlighten and Energize your Students

It’s start day! You have a brand-new group of students who are eager, bright-eyed, ready to learn and take on the beauty & wellness world! It really is awesome, isn’t it? But then, a few months later, those eyes are a little less bright and your learners may be feeling a little less motivated. Before you know it, your classroom and student salon start to feel a little… boring, ho-hum, tired. Your plans for excited, energized learning have fallen a little flat. And no one wants that.

Every day, educators have a new opportunity to invigorate, refresh, energize, enlighten, and truly engage your learners. An energized classroom drives results and excited learners can accomplish big things. In this class, we will look at strategies that you can use to create that energized classroom and engage the most unengaged learner.

Relationships & Classroom Management

Communicating Confidently
In this class, you will learn to become a great communicator, the kind that gains people’s attention, holds their interest, and moves them into action. You will examine the communication process, identify barriers to communication, learn to listen more effectively and identify communication style. You will also learn key tips for communicating confidently.

Developing Effective Educator Relationships
This class will arm you with the tools needed to engage in sound relationships with learners, colleagues, and the community. You will learn to practice effective listening skills and other steps necessary for building effective relationships and managing conflict as well as identify the six basic needs common to learners of today. Human relations and communication basics will be discussed.

Results Oriented Classroom Management
This class covers the various principles of managing learner behavior and chronic misconduct. You will learn low to high profile control techniques, identify chronic and situational barriers to learning, understand the principles of academic advisement, and review the four enemies of conflict management in relationship building. Seven chronic learner behaviors will be dealt with in detail.

Dynamic Team Building
This class focuses on the importance of evaluating the team environment and provides specific strategies for building a cohesive and productive team. You will define teams and teamwork, identify the benefits of teamwork, the ingredients for team motivation, and work through six practical steps in team building.

Student Salon & Business

Making the Student Salon an Adventure *
Explore the advantages, philosophy, and goals of the student salon, and learn how to create an effective learning environment within it. Discover strategies for mentoring students, understanding administrative requirements, and optimizing the student salon space. This course emphasizes the importance of treating the student salon like a classroom and equips you with the necessary skills to teach effectively in this unique setting. Enhance your teaching abilities and become a more impactful educator in the dynamic environment of the student salon.
Teaching Essential Business Skills for Success
In this class, we offer ideas and solutions for teaching your students how to communicate with customers. You’ll be able to guide them to effectively recommend services and retail products. We’ll focus on building clinic floor traffic, increasing retail sales, doubling chemical sales, finding and filling clients’ needs, and much more! You will discover how to work smarter, not harder.

Student Retention Strategies *
Engaged and positive students are more likely to stay in their program, graduate, and succeed in their careers. The Student Retention Strategies course is designed to equip educators with the knowledge and strategies needed to create a student-centered, thriving learning environment. From leadership influence to effective communication, we'll explore the essential topics that will help you build trust, foster positive relationships, and engage students like never before. Our dynamic instructor will guide you through interactive discussions and exercises, ensuring you're well-prepared to uplift the next generation of professionals. Don't miss out on this opportunity to uncover the secrets of successful student retention!