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cima exam prep
CIMA Exam Prep

CIMA Exam Prep

(Formerly Online Licensing Prep)

Get started with CIMA Exam Prep, the most effective way for your students to practice for exams. Product capabilities include:

  • Hundreds of multiple-choice questions with unlimited attempts
  • Content presented in both English and Spanish
  • Three modes: chapter review, chapter test, and comprehensive test
  • Comprehensive Test mode simulates a real exam experience by creating a 100-question exam drawn from the chapter tests. Feedback is provided after submitting the test for grading.
  • Full visibility to students’ activity (no Learning Codes needed)
  • Get analytics on mastery of material by student, by chapter
  • Time tracking capabilities
  • Student access for up to 2 years

CIMA Exam Prep is available for all disciplines and includes 2-year access. Available to purchase student seats or printed access cards. Content presented in both English and Spanish (Nails also includes Vietnamese content).

List Price: $41.95 per student

Cosmetology, 14th Edition

Student Seat ISBN: 9780357993651
Printed Access Card ISBN: 9798214098807

Cosmetology, 13th Edition

Student Seat ISBN: 9780357921944
Printed Access Card ISBN: 9798214098531

Esthetics Fundamentals, 12th Edition

Student Seat ISBN: 9780357920213
Printed Access Card ISBN: 9798214098647

Advanced Esthetics, 2nd Edition

Student Seat ISBN: 9780357921951
Printed Access Card ISBN: 9798214098456

Barbering, 6th Edition

Student Seat ISBN: 9780357920237
Printed Access Card ISBN: 9798214098586

Nail Technology, 8th Edition

Student Seat ISBN: 9780357920220
Printed Access Card ISBN: 9798214098708

Massage, 6th Edition

Student Seat ISBN: 9780357920244
Printed Access Card ISBN: 9798214098494

Professional Educator, 4th Edition

Student Seat ISBN: 9780357920251
Printed Access Card ISBN: 9798214098753

Milady Advanced Services: Electrolysis and Hair Removal

Student Seat ISBN: 9798214062846
Printed Access Card ISBN: 9798214361574

Milady Advanced Services: Eyelashes

Student Seat ISBN: 9798214062839
Printed Access Card ISBN: 9798214098852
List Price: $20.95 USD

Get all the capabilities of the CIMA platform, including time tracking, analytics on mastery of the material (by student, by chapter), and full visibility into students’ activity.

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CIMA by Milady

Take teaching, learning, and operations to the next level with CIMA for Cosmetology, 14th edition.

  • Robust self-service tools assist with reporting, time tracking, and compliance
  • Built-in, free instructor resources to make teaching easier
  • Automated grading saves time and provides instant feedback
  • Intuitive navigation makes teaching easy and learning fun and engaging
  • Accommodates all learning styles (through videos, interactive activities, virtual study groups, and so much more)

And this is just the shortlist of CIMA benefits and capabilities. Sign up for a demo or attend a webinar to get the full introduction to CIMA.