Milady Standard Cosmetology, 14th Edition

Today’s students aren’t afraid to put in the work, get their hands dirty, or take risks. Plus, they bring endless curiosity, creativity, and vision to their pursuits. That combination can be magic—but it takes time and guidance to hone. That guidance begins right here, with Milady Standard Cosmetology, 14th Edition. Available in English and Spanish, in print and on CIMA.

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Videos bring everything to life.

Empower educators with high-quality procedure demos and provide students on-demand video access through CIMA. Captivate and engage visual and auditory learners, bringing concepts to life with this dynamic content.

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“I love the updates to the textbook. For example, all the texture education is great! I also like the changes to test questions, such as the scenarios, to get the students to apply their knowledge to realistic situations.”

– Kara R., School Education Director/Department Head

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This, 14th Edition: ©2022 • Previous Edition: ©2016

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Videos Include
  • Chapter 10: Draping for Shampooing and Conditioning, and Shampooing and Conditioning
  • Chapter 11: Graduated Haircut, Long-Layered Haircut
    Basic Clipper Cut, Fade Haircut on Straight Hair, and Fade Haircut on Curly Hair
  • Chapter 12: Round Brushing and Flat Ironing, Marcel Manipulations, Hollywood Waves (Thermal Waving), Curling Short, Relaxed Hair, Wet Sets with Rollers, Horizontal Finger-Waving, Chignon Curly Updo, Enhance Natural Curls, and Textured Hair Techniques
  • Chapter 13: Single Crochet Braid, Preparing Textured Hair for Braiding
  • Chapter 15: Soft Curl Perm (Chemical Curl Reformation)
  • Chapter 16: Temporary Haircolor Rinse, Single-Process Color on Virgin Hair, Color Melt, Virgin Lightener, and Specialty Highlighting with Foil

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