Milady MindTap is going away.

MindTap access codes are no longer available for sale. The last day to create/copy MindTap courses is September 30, 2023.
Please note: If you're a Higher Education, International, or K-12 educator who uses Cengage products outside of Milady, the MindTap online learning platform will continue to support you. We're only sunsetting Milady-specific MindTap courses.
In anticipation, please plan to move all your programs to CIMA ASAP. With CIMA, both students and instructors will experience a comprehensive, engaging platform that will help turn students' passion into a thriving career. Please reach out: we are here to help create a complete training and migration plan designed to help you every step of the way.
Key Dates to Know

New MindTap access codes are no longer available for sale.

Current students can continue with their courses. You will be able to create/copy Milady MindTap courses until September 30, 2023.

Last day to create/copy MindTap courses.

Milady MindTap is no longer accessible to students or educators. All existing students need to be migrated to CIMA to have access to Milady content.

Don’t wait to migrate your students to CIMA. We'll help you through the entire process. CIMA is a digital-first platform created with your current and future needs in mind. We continue to advance it, and have released 15 functionality improvements since its launch in April 2021.

We understand that change can be hard, but our team is here to support you throughout the entire process. You can take the first steps to move from MindTap to CIMA today.

Once you decide on your migration plans, Milady will migrate your current students to CIMA free of charge and get your courses set up and ready.

Here’s what to expect and a checklist of action items:

  • Expect to start receiving emails and other communications encouraging you to migrate to CIMA now. Switching sooner than later ensures you are up and running well ahead of the sunsetting of MindTap in September of 2023.
  • Return all unused Milady MindTap access cards.
  • Schedule your personal CIMA demo or attend a CIMA webinar so you can get familiar with this robust, intuitive, and easy-to-use platform.
  • Reach out to your account manager to set some key dates for making the switch. Remember, all sales of Milady MindTap access codes will stop on April 1, 2023 (with limited exceptions). Plan to make the switch ASAP.
  • Our Milady CIMA Support Team will work together with you and your Account Manager to get new CIMA courses created.
  • Prior to your target CIMA start date, we’ll work together to bulk-upload your existing students to your newly created CIMA course(s).
  • Direct your educators and students to the CIMA resources available. For educators, visit the CIMA Help Center for Educators and Admins. For students, direct them to the CIMA Help Center for Students.
  • Our CIMA Implementation and Training Team will create a training plan for you and your education team to learn all about how to optimally use CIMA in your classroom.