Milady MindTap courses are no longer supported.

Milady MindTap platform was replaced with Milady CIMA. With CIMA, both students and instructors experience a comprehensive, engaging platform that helps turn students' passion into a thriving career.
Please note: If you're a Higher Education, International, or K-12 educator who uses Cengage products outside of Milady, the MindTap online learning platform will continue to support you. We're only sunsetting Milady-specific MindTap courses.
Key Dates to Know

New MindTap access codes are no longer available for sale.

Current students can continue with their courses.

Last day to create/copy MindTap courses. Any courses created after this date will be flagged and deleted within 5 business days.

Milady MindTap courses are no longer supported by Milady nor Cengage.

CIMA is a digital-first platform created with your current and future needs in mind. We continue to advance it, and have released dozens of functionality improvements since its launch in April 2021.