Make accessing CIMA even easier with Printed Access Codes (PACs)

Benefits of PACs
  • Easier ordering and distribution
  • Courses are not needed at the time of ordering
  • PACs can be stored and used for future class starts
  • Students register themselves instead of administrator creating the roster
  • Students can enroll in more than one course (for the same discipline)
  • Access time doesn’t begin until the code is redeemed
How PACs Works
  • Student goes to to redeem their Access Code.
  • Student enters the Course ID (provided by instructor).
  • Student enters their Access Code (found inside the PAC card).
  • Student enters the Course ISBN (found inside the PAC card).
  • Student needs to check their email (including spam folder) for their CIMA course registration confirmation, which can be used to login to and access their course.