Bring real-world salon experiences into your classroom with Studio Luma: Scenarios for Salon-Ready Professionals, a captivating video series designed to immerse students in the everyday challenges and triumphs of working in a salon.

With 48 episodes, this scenario-based series follows main characters Silvie, Brad, Viv, Alice, and Maya as they perform cutting, coloring, and chemical texture services on clients. Through an entertaining and engaging storyline, students witness the practical application of theory and soft skills in a working salon setting, providing them with valuable insights into the types of situations they will encounter with customers, coworkers, and managers
  • Episode 1: Opening Day (Blowdry & Flat Iron)
  • Episode 2: Prom Night (Fingerwave & Pincurl)
  • Episode 3: Here Comes the Bride (Updos & Braids)
  • Episode 4: Manic Cure (Natural Nails)
  • Episode 5: Alpha vs. Alpha (One-Length Haircut)
  • Episode 6: High Maintenance (Graduated Cut)
  • Episode 7: Goalkeeper (Layered Cut)
  • Episode 8: Buzzed Cut (Clipper Cut)
  • Episode 9: Degree of Separation (Skin)
  • Episode 10: Rumor Has It (One-Length Layered & Design)
  • Episode 11: Drab to Fab (Layered Graduated Design)
  • Episode 12: Rock & Razor (Razor Cut & Design)
  • Episode 13: Bicycle Red (Solid Color)
  • Episode 14: Act Your Age (Color Retouch)
  • Episode 15: Blonde Ambition (Double-Process Haircolor)
  • Epsiode 16: Time Crunch (Dimensional Color)
  • Episode 17: Pinup Girl (Retouch & Roller)
  • Episode 18: That’s a Wrap (Molding & Shaping)
  • Episode 19: Blondes Just Want to Have Fun (Double-Process & Design)
  • Episode 20: Mirror Mirror (Dimensional Color & Design)
  • Episode 21: Fixin’ to Perm (Basic Perm)
  • Episode 22: A New Twist (Specialty Spiral)
  • Episode 23: Just Relax (Virgin Relaxer)
  • Episode 24: Viv’s Goodbye (Relaxer Retouch)
  • Episode 25: Silvie’s Choice (Thio Straightener)
  • Episode 26: Reform School: Maya’s First Day (Curl Reforming)
  • Episode 27: Bella at the Bowl (Basic Bricklay Perm)
  • Episode 28: The Value Proposition (Specialty Double-Rod Perm)
  • Episode 29: Raven Returns (Artificial Nails)
  • Episode 30: A Blast from the Past (Basic Perm & Design)
  • Episode 31: Formal Gabby (Basic Bricklay & Design)
  • Episode 32: Double or Nothing (Specialty Perm)
  • Episode 33: Demo Day (Artificial Hair Enhancements)
  • Episode 34: Imposter Syndrome (Curl Diffusion)
  • Episode 35: Kid Police (Thio Straightener)
  • Episode 36: The Masterpiece (Curl Reforming)
  • Episode 37: Let’s Chat (Interviewing)
  • Episode 38: Bye Bye Blondie (Cut, Color & Design 1)
  • Episode 39: Balayage (Cut, Color & Design 2)
  • Episode 40: Asymmetry (Balance, Proportion & Shape)
  • Episode 41: Charlie’s Boards (Mock State Board Exam)
  • Episode 42: What a Man Wants (Cut, Texture & Design 1)
  • Episode 43: The Quiet Chair (Cut, Texture & Design 2)
  • Episode 44: Splitting Hairs (Cut, Texture & Design 3)
  • Episode 45: Look Before You Leap (Salon Management)
  • Episode 46: Never Mind, Be Kind (Cut, Color, Texture & Design 1)
  • Episode 47: The Greener Grass (Cut, Color, Texture & Design 2)
  • Episode 48: Gratitude, Makeovers & Competitions (Cut, Color, Texture & Design 3)
Instructor Resources
  • Lesson Plans: Includes episode summary, episode length, technical and soft skills topics covered, learning objectives, and suggested classroom time needed to watch the episode and have classroom discussion.
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Running Time: 31 Hours | ©2018

CIMA ISBN: 9798214102788
DVD Series ISBN: 9781337630856
List Price: $1,212.95 USD

Episode Introduction

This clip shows Brad, a Studio Luma stylist, who is letting his hectic day affect his mood and interactions with his guest Stephanie. This sample clip sets the scene for the rest of the episode which teaches students time management skills and how to manage adversity, all while walking them through the steps of a layered cut.


In this clip, Maya helps a guest go back to being a brunette after spending some time blonde. Specifically, it showcases part of the two-step process of first pre-lightening the hair and second, applying the new color.


This clip shows one of several animations found throughout each episode which help to breakdown complex theory information in a fun, memorable way for students.