Milady Standard Barbering, 6th Edition

A barbering education designed for all. Available in print and on CIMA.

Foundational techniques, contemporary looks, and a vibe that welcomes everyone who’s interested in becoming a barber. Milady Standard Barbering, 6th Edition delivers all that and more.

It starts by giving barbering students a strong foundation. This includes teaching the rich history of barbering and pairing classic techniques with contemporary looks. We always strive to meet students where they are by offering a variety of content for different styles of learning—and in different formats as well, like print and digital.

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For the Student

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CIMA Digital Course

  • Over 1,400 interactive activities included, providing 430+ hours of active engagement.
  • Easy, intuitive navigation for distance or in-person learning.
  • Access to robust, built-in instructor resources.
  • Powerful self-service analytics, time tracking, and reports.
  • Comprehensive device and browser compatibility.
  • 2-year access.

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ISBN: 9798214098593 • List: $314.95 USD

Student Seat
ISBN: 9780357812587 • List: $314.95 USD

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ISBN: 9798214098609 • List: $345.95 USD

Spanish Student Seat
ISBN: 9780357920183 • List: $345.95 USD

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CIMA Exam Prep

  • Content presented in both English and Spanish.
  • Hundreds of multiple-choice questions with unlimited attempts.
  • Three modes: chapter review, chapter test, and comprehensive test.
  • Full visibility to students’ activity.
  • 2-year access.

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Digital version of Barbering textbook. No other activities or videos.

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ISBN: 9781337298902 • List: $181.95 USD


ISBN: 9781305100558 • List: $181.95 USD

ISBN: 9781305100763 • List: $196.95 USD

Save at least 50% on the textbook when paired with CIMA (printed access code or student seat).


  • A printed workbook that has detailed exercises for both practical and theory content.
  • Activities include fill-in-the-blank, true/false, matching exercises and various activities within the workbook that cater to different learner types.
  • Helps students stay organized and aids comprehension.

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ISBN: 9781305100664 • List: $84.95 USD

ISBN: 9781305100831 • List: $93.95 USD

Exam Review Book

  • Helps students prepare for their state board exams.
  • Hundreds of multiple-choice questions, similar to the ones asked during the State Board Exam.
  • Using CIMA? The test bank is included and can be added by educators.
  • Looking for a digital version? Get CIMA Exam Prep instead.

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CIMA + Textbook

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ISBN: 9780357812785 • List: $399.95 USD

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ISBN: 9798214047683 • List: $430.95 USD

Spanish Student Seat + Textbook
ISBN: 9780357921906 • List: $430.95 USD

For the Instructor

Instructor Resources are built right in to the CIMA digital learning platform. Using print? Purchase instructor resources and get access online through CIMA.

Course Management Guide

  • Facilitate strong classroom management and engagement and reduce your prep time.
  • Includes detailed lesson plans, transition guide, answer keys to review tests and student workbooks, test bank to create tests and quizzes.
  • Includes Instructor Support Slides.

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Online Access
ISBN: 9780357920596 • List: $395.95 USD

Spanish Online Access
ISBN: 9798214077918 • List: $419.95 USD

Instructor Support Slides

  • Editable PowerPoint® slides. Included with Online Access of CMGs.
  • A chapter-by-chapter outline of content and a notes section including lesson plan notes, activity reminders and answers to the Check-In questions.

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ISBN: 9781305100688 • List: $222.95 USD

Instructional Videos

  • Procedural videos from multiple points of view for maximum student comprehension.
  • Successfully capture visual and auditory learners.
  • Over 2 hours of content and showcases 29 step-by-step procedures.

Online Access
ISBN: 9780357925058 • List: $1097.95 USD

Videos Include
  • Haircutting: Arching Technique with Shears, Arching Technique with Outliner, Arching Technique with Razor, Basic Taper Cut, Precision Cut, Razor Cutting, Shadow Fade, Temple Fade, Head Shaving, Flat Top Crew Cut, Fade with Star Design, Modern Pompadour with Fade, and Cornrow Braiding
  • Haircoloring: Coloring Mustaches and Beards
  • The Professional Shave: The Professional Shave, and The Neck Shave
  • Treatments of Hair and Scalp: Methods of Shampooing, Preparation for Draping, Draping for Haircutting Services, Draping for Wet and Chemical Services, Shampoo and Massage Manipulations, Scalp Steam, and Scalp Massage
  • Infection Control: Proper Hand Washing, Handling an Exposure Incident, Cleaning & Disinfecting Non-Electrical Tools & Implements, Cleaning & Disinfecting Clippers and Outliners, Clipper and Outliner Maintenance

Spanish Translated Workbook Answer Key

ISBN: 9781337613910 • List: $81.95 USD

Course Management Guide + Instructional Videos

ISBN: 9780357920602 • List: $1,218.95 USD

ISBN: 9798214077925 • List: $1,323.95 USD