This full-color, spiral bound text contains 20 haircoloring procedures and 9 chemical texturing procedures. Nearly all of these are only available in this supplement. Each procedure is presented step-by-step with text and photos to ensure accuracy.

Author: Milady

  • Updated Introduction featuring haircoloring guidelines and the steps for consulting and examining a Haircolor.
  • All procedures now feature live models.
  • Lots of full-color photos illustrate each step.
  • Spiral-bound for easy reference during practical study.
  1. Applicator Bottle (1:1 Ratio)
  2. Applicator Bottle (1:2 Ratio)
  3. Bowl and Brush (1:1 Ratio)
  4. On-the-Scalp Lighteners in Applicator Bottle (2:1 Ratio)
  5. Off-the-Scalp Powder Lighteners in Bowl
  6. Color Enhancement for Relaxed, Permed, or Keratin Smoothed Hair
  7. Permanent Haircolor: Virgin Application – Bowl and Brush
  8. Permanent Haircolor: Covering Gray – Applicator Bottle
  9. Permanent Haircolor: Block Color – Bowl and Brush
  10. Dimensional Haircolor Services: Face-Frame with Single-Process Color
  11. Dimensional Haircolor Services: Partial Highlight
  12. Dimensional Haircolor Services: Retouch Highlight
  13. Dimensional Haircolor Services: Accent Pieces – Panel Highlights
  14. Dimensional Haircolor Services: Accent Pieces – Bold Front Pieces
  15. Dimensional Haircolor Services: Accent Pieces – Baliage
  16. Challenge 1: Tinting Back Very Pale Blond to a Lighter Brown Shade
  17. Challenge 2: Tinting Back Very pale Blond Highlights to a Brown Shade
  18. Challenge 3: Neutralizing Unwanted Ash Tones
  19. Challenge 4: Neutralizing Unwanted Brassy Tones
  20. Challenge 5: Removing Dark Color from the Ends
Chemical Texture Services
  1. Bricklay Roll Technique
  2. Curvature Wrap
  3. Bricklay Roll Spiral Technique
  4. Spiral Wrap with Bender Tools
  5. Consultation and Application for a Sodium Hydroxide Relaxer on Virgin Hair
  6. Retouch with a Sodium Hydroxide Relaxer
  7. Applying Thio Relaxer to Virgin Hair
  8. Thio Relaxer Retouch
  9. Thermal Reconditioning (Straightening) Treatment

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Spanish Textbook

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  • Lesson plans
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