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June 12, 2018

Art Inspired Classroom Competition

Last week on Facebook I saw some fantastic pictures posted by Amiee Lindsley, an educator at All Beauty College in Kingman, AZ. I was so impressed […]
May 23, 2018

What you should expect from your students, and yourself!

Recently I saw a video about the Clemson Tigers Football team. They have created a culture in their program and it is brought to life by […]
April 25, 2018

Are you doing what you love?

Today, in our monthly team meeting, Kim Berube, Milady’s Marketing Manager gave our team an update on the recent AACS event in Washington D.C.  She shared […]
April 4, 2018

What Does it Mean to Be a Leader?

It seems I’m always seeing something about the importance of leadership. Books, blogs, Facebook posts, YouTube videos, conferences, they all seem to have something to say […]
February 28, 2018

6 Success Habits to Create a Life You Love

Why did you become a cosmetologist?  Was it because you loved hair?  Maybe you love working with people?  Or maybe you just wanted a career you […]
February 14, 2018

Why Do You Teach?

The other day I ran across #whyiteach on a Facebook post. The hashtag peeked my curiosity and I decided to look further into it. I discovered […]
January 3, 2018

Shake It Up and Try Something New!

As we start the New Year, why not shake it up and try something new.   Enjoy this video for a few ideas on how you can […]
December 6, 2017

Not Licensed to Fail!

One of the questions I often get from educators as I travel around the country is, “How can I motivate my students?”. If you had some […]
October 10, 2017

Are you Gritty?

This morning as I was getting ready to start my day, I found myself in need of a little inspiration, I put on an interesting TED […]